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coming summer 2022


Ivy and Sam are best friends, despite their array of differences. On what feels like a typical sweltering July day in their small New Jersey suburban town, something unusual occurs. Ivy stumbles upon a bag of money while the two are smoking in their local park. They are then thrust into a chaotic day of luxury, drugs, and momentary opulence. Ivy has her eye on a somewhat deluded dream of using the money to escape to her dream life in New York City, while Sam prefers to live in the moment and use the money at her disposal. Their difference in dispositions ultimately strikes conflict between the two, and exposes them to a situation that showcases their individual greed, selfishness, and puts their friendship into question. Caught up in their own day, the girls are completely unaware that someone dangerous is on the lookout for them. The bag of cash originally belonged to a clumsy drug dealer named Ray, who lost track of the cash and discovered the girl’s involvement, thanks to an older park dweller noting their presence. With $20,000 on the line, and Ray’s generally unhinged attitude, the scruffy dealer decides to follow the girls to see if he can somehow get the money back. The final showdown takes place at a local house party, where the fate of the girls and their dreams are finally decided.

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